wayne peters (aka batman)


Why I am here

Why am I here?

I’m here because I remember the real Canada, not the one who held off the Germans and saved the English in WWI. Not the Canada who were first on the beaches in Normandy , who got wiped out in Falkirk, nor the Canada saved the line in Korea. I'm not old enough to remember those Canada's and most certainly not this paint splatter erratic version we call diversified Canada now.

But I do remember the Canada where guys named Orr, Terry Fox, or Rocket or Gretzky were known coast to coast as hero’s, and the only bad guys we knew of were “oh dose Russians” I remember a Canada where people who’s history may have started else where but it didn’t matter because they all had one thing in common, making Canada the place their children could thrive and live the dreams they maybe couldn’t.

In the Canada I remember It didn’t matter what language you could speak outside of English, or if you didn’t like the same team or church or even politician. You could speak your piece and afterward, work side by side to better your community and nation. A Canada where dad was probably the one who “brought home the bacon,” where every kid knew every other kid for miles and knew the wrath of god if they weren’t home when the street lights came on. You know... a Canada when the term bringing home the bacon was not an offence to someone, or wouldn’t get you kicked out of the club, you know like now?

I’m here because this is not that Canada, but I'm here because it could be. I’m here because this is not a CANADA where you have the ability to tell me to be silent, and I do not have to be ok with it. I'm here because you can disagree with me, say my choice of politician is a crook, or my church is unacceptable, or you can call me names, and yes... I can disagree with you.

I remember a CANADA before both parents had to work 2 jobs each, just to afford a basic living... I remember a Canada before you could afford to have half as many kids, family's with a lot more than 1.3 kids.

Not a Canada where you can feel proud of your heritage, so long as it’s NOT anything other than the chosen flavour of the day, so long as it’s not white, or asian, or... never mind... you know, some of those entitlements you probably get accused of enjoying and probably want you to feel guilty for...

I’m here because this is no longer that Canada where futures are bright, children are safe, and free from harm, or the voices of the people are heard. I’m here because an organization with a false face and forked tongues had lied in succession for generations now to convince us, to pressure us, or to silence us until we accept their falseness, that we only have the rights they give us.

I’m here because I know they are wrong, as I’m sure most of you here do as well. I’m here because I believe in us, as a nation that does have an identity, a strong and prideful identity and it is being stolen from us, replaced with a vision of an identity that is not Canadian, and never will be.

I don’t remember when I voted to surrender that identity do you? I don’t remember voting to be replaced do you?

I don’t remember voting for an entity who tells us that our entire history is wrong, that we need to accept or be silenced... that’s the guys we face now.

Far beyond the illusion of “a commie behind every tree” we have a real and dangerous enemy, not of our own making but surely of our demise if we don’t get back that Canada I remember, that many of you remember. The one where it didn’t matter if you were from Newfoundland or a reserve in BC... our nation, our cultures, our children, our futures were on the line and Canadians did what was right... not just what was easy, they fought for their nation, they died for your freedom, they sacrificed for your children’s future. All gave some, some gave all... they gave all, now in a time where we can do so much with so little we do even less.

We have fallen victim to a lullaby, into a drug induced satanic slumber that programs us daily, gives hand outs instead of hand ups, tells us to be thankful for slavery while they throw away your children’s future and tell you that you are criminal and to be ashamed for asking any question... how dare you.

Does this sound Canadian to you because this is actuality, and as bad as it seems can you imagine what future your kids will have at this pace?

History is full of ordinary people standing up, and extraordinary things happening when they say no, when they realize they are not alone in their suffering, when they say Canada first, when they accept that Patriot is NOT a dirty word. History is full of people who knew their duty is not to surrender for false hopelessness, but to stand and fight for what is right, for their rights, their children’s rights, their right to be heard. Those are not government granted rights, these are our human rights, but... they will be lost to that government all too soon. All we have is now. We will not get another opportunity, and all we need now is each other.