Go figure, the most absurd event of the evening came when a self anointed CBC Radio Canada something or another decided that he was the "Media Police." In a somewhat pathetic and disturbing display of arrogance, ignorance, he (judging by the handshakes I received afterwards) very much annoyed the people in attendance with his petty little tantrum.   In the end I have to thank him for that, it was certainly noticed by the Peoples Party leader who made a point of coming over for a little "chat"!

The night before the storm, Trudeau goes or Canada goes.

 Accreditation Received!  We will be bringing Election 43 Coverage from inside PPC HQ on  Oct 21. Massive Milestone achievement for our little outlet, we were given accreditation to cover what may be the biggest election night and maybe even the biggest upset in the electoral history of Canada. We will be broadcast live as usual, but for the first time ever for us... also with front row seat press passes and a 1-1 with Leadership Candidate Elect @MaximeBernier and I couldn’t be more thrilled! 

Canadian Election 43 from PPC HQ - 2019 LIVE & UNCUT

 We were on hand to spend the evening with the leader of the Peoples Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier at a small private event in the hills outside Beauceville Quebec, Canada.  It was a quiet evening live streamed on Facebook as seen here uncut. Head over to our Facebook page to see the thousands of real time comments as the night progressed. In the end it was not a celebration of victory for the party but it was a celebration of victory when it came to achievements.

Trudeau Pop Up Rally, Last Gasp For Love - Orillia Ont

 Trudeau didn't give much advance notice of this appearance Just a short lived notice on local Social Media.

  A few highlights: I was recognized as "Media" and informed (in no uncertain terms) that I was not allowed ANY QUESTIONS... to bad I had a doozie!  My unasked question:  "Mr Trudeau, After telling Canadian Veterans that they were asking more than we can give, how could he justify $243 Million dollars given to Afghanistan for their veterans?" Perhaps I will get another opportunity yet... 

ezra lavant answers my question about msm after trudeau

 I happened to catch @RebelMedia founder Ezra Levant doing a live stream on YouTube yesterday so I took the opportunity to "pop" him a question. I was surprised when out of 1.7k viewers he chose to read and most graciously respond to... with one of the most epic quotes I've heard so far this election cycle. That inspired me to edit out this little clip to share with you all! 

Canadian Children's Aid Crisis- protecting canadian children

A couple of weeks ago, we ran into a disorientated little lady. She was  desperately trying to get the attention of our Prime Minister to ask him about the cover up and deaths of more than 100 Canadian children while under the care of Ontario Children's Aid.   All I could do was  give her a camera to share her message on in the hopes that some Canadians will  dig deeper into this story, to inspire some hard questions from our leadership on the lives of our children, our future.